by Face Cream

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released September 3, 2010

Recorded & mixed at Estudio Argot, La Plata BA, Argentina |
Record & edit tech: Matías 'Paya' Gonzales Acuña |
Mixed by Fernando Quintela |
Mastering: Steps Ahead Sound, CABA, Argentina. Mastering engineer: Gustavo Fourcade |
Produced by Matías Gonzales Acuña, Fernando Quintela and Face Cream |
Art: Federico Postiglione and Gastón Mateos |
Booklet & Cover photos: Gastón Mateos |
Recording photos: Pablo Migliore |
Music & lyrics by Face Cream



all rights reserved


Face Cream La Plata, Argentina

Face Cream es una banda de rock alternativo formada en 2005 en la ciudad de La Plata, capital de la provincia de Buenos Aires, en el centro-este de la Argentina. Tocaron y recorrieron todo el circuito de la ciudad, se han presentado en la ciudad de Buenos Aires y Gran Buenos Aires, compartiendo escenario con artistas tales como Utopians, Smitten o Los Tipitos, entre otros. ... more

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Track Name: About Ranple
Dancing again in that oil-noise;
she only wants to hear her own voice;
Those useless can’t, won’t let me draw;
and I won’t bail it out now,
give me the stow.
At least my head it’s not their box;
my will is well ’cause it’s so far from them
Don’t need to explain I found it laim and it’s
true I really like your nose.
Now add your noise
flesh and concrete ’ll never finish
with same tones
It’s all in the air I guess
I’m made of plates
everybody knows you often loose control
when it’s not like you,
well you can’t change it all.
I’m calmed but it’s not gonna work ’cause
everynow and then it’s gonna show itself again;
open your head so you can swalow it,
I am not them, now if you stop beating me
I could finally rest.
Track Name: Not My Bomb
Far is near when you don’t see the truth
and this thing will clear my throught
every word that comes from your mouth is a silent scream for me
I’m not sure what to think but I won’t live in your home
just pretending (that) I like this world, just living the same shit with you
wake me up and show me your smile
and teach me how to enjoy this side
screaming at your flat face I will find my luck
but it’s so hard to win in this house
Not my bomb, this is not a safe place to walk,
living inside your nuclear tongue
locked up in the usual hole
you say you have the key but you know that’s not for me
we’re so lost when we sleep in your night oh god what unhappy times
I’m not sure what to say and I won’t pretend to know
just tell me if you walk with me if I say I know the way.
Track Name: Neckerchief
Now I’m sure of one thing and I won’t find the solution here on my clothes,
Now that I’m not alone, I have to start screaming to you trough the walls.
I don’t know the reason why this thought arose,
I don’t know the reason why that door is closed.
Talk a little bit about me and try to tell me what you see in my eyes
If your conscious of all the time we’ve spent here in the dark and
don’t use this neckerchief, don’t lay the blame on me.
Lies, all my words were lies and the writer was wrong once again
But it wasn’t my fault I was inside this coat.
Track Name: Evergreen
Driving fast as if I were on your time,
no one seems to be so nice when you’re looking around
and I wanna be in the night if you’re sleeping by my side writing down the words
that will vanish with me.
Facing down with monsters in my head, they don’t need to talk to you I don’t think it’s gonna change anything that happens when I dream ’bout Mr. Black,
I don’t really understand this selfportrait just give me
something to break the shield, to deal with me, to break the knees and this time I don’t want to fall asleep while I’m lying by the sea; I’m afraid to tell you I don’t know where I should sit and I wanna be in the time where I don’t need to feel this hot water inside, I’m wondering if you could give me something.
Track Name: At Rock Bottom
Get rid of them you do know how
you gotta do it now
turn off this shit if you’re alive
you gotta die, it’s about time
my mouth is dry if you’re around
I wanna run but it’s so hard
I don’t believe I won’t buy
if you do what you do I don’t feel anything
don’t advertise
under the lights you’re a star
you gotta look nice
yhis place is safe I’m not so sure
you gotta try you wont’die
my mouth is dry if you’re around
I wanna run but it’s so hard
I don’t believe, I won’t buy
if you do what you do I don’t feel anything
you’re falling down like the stars,
the time is running out
this is your sinking night
you’ve touched the bottom.
Track Name: Shapeless
The air is unbreathable now
I can feel the dirty noise of your thoughts
It’s so ovbious that even you can’t explain it,
because it’s everything a stupid human being needs
All the things are moving in the wrong direction and it’s so easy
to misunderstood the whole world.
I don’t know, we don’t know
this should be familiar to us we’ve seen this movie before
Cold, just a fall?
I’m sorry but I’ll try to release all the crap from the frontdoor.
I think I should hear the reason of the light and why isn’t better that
my head blows.
Your dirty mind is drying every single leave
I don’t know if the tree would hold another chain
Around your head and just like flyes are the voices that hurt every little time
I wish I could make you part of the nonsense and incoherent side of myself
The fear has grown too much now I think I’m dead and they don’t know it yet,
I wanna scream, I wanna stay calmed.
Track Name: Ignosia
We are already dead, I don’t know,
sometimes the piano shows me a different reality,
there’re some words that I’ve never said.
Drowning in a stupid ocean of cheap ambition and these grey machines.
Yeah for them it’s better if you can’t think,
but you don’t wanna realize,
they’re so pathetic that I wanna puke,
everybody is becoming my enemy.
I’m sick of hearing you telling those things,
I’m sick of watching you doing those things,
I’m sick of smelling you smoking those things,
I’m sick of hearing me talking about you.
Track Name: Drily
Año 2010

It’s like a fallen tree, I can’t breath...
why, if it’s supposed not to be, feels so real
I thought it was never coming back but once again I was so wrong
blow up the world and rest with me...
can you feel it, I guess you won’t... I’m not inside
I wanna reach you...but I guess I’m not inside....it’s right in my chest
just like the time it will take my sense away
It’s like a fallen sin, I can’t be..
Walk along this road and avoid the colour,
keep dreaming of touching the light
I began to die since I met myself
something’s down, something’s bright
Hold you tight while I feel his voice,
something real, something beyond my fall.
I wanna reach your eyes...but I guess I’m not inside.
Track Name: Offline
I don’t wanna listen to you anymore,
I don’t understand what the hell are you looking for
You’re not innocent and you’re looking like a frog,
here no one believes that you’re head is going to blow, what are you looking for??
Lights, minds, fuck!, there’s a man inside who shines, but wait, no one gives a fuck.
You don’t wanna listen to me anymore,
you don’t understand waht the hell am I looking for,
I’m not innocent, but I don’t look like a frog
and I’m not trying to take a picture with my cell phone.
Track Name: Jeer
So it’s bleeding right upon my weakest self
waking up in different mornings of shame
image of a blue sky and forgotten dreams where my head and my gun embrace this hollow tree
I’ve been living right on your undiscribable floor,
I’ve been drinking life from this hidden door
Jeering at my face are the unknown hates
blasting from my voice you can hear them breath
bleak afternoon in a hopeless year
my tongue and my mind are slipping out of me.
Track Name: Right Avenue
Right over the place I’ve always wanted to be
and looking through the glass of a perfect mirror
staring at the walls falling down around me
staring at the dumb falling flat on their faces
going off and screaming at your face while I hear your whining
while your life is so oustanding.
Pulling the rope of my dammed will, I will make you shut your mouth, Shut up!
Right over your grave I think I’m overdoing
and looking trough you I can’t see anything,
going off,
don’t mean to harm your luck I know you’ll dissappear,
and when I look back I see my footprints.
Track Name: Scruffy
Ending, novelty, the sun is shining inside your skin
And no one will ever ser the words you know now that you’re in me.
Hell it’s another way of life if you don’t know that name,
Crying isn’t other fear you need to hide when you think there’s no way out,
Don’t go with the birds, don’t waste your time, you will never find it in hell,
You will never find it away.
Spitting all my sins, I know that you won’t believe this words,
And no one will ever know the meaning of being so alone.